Az Undorgrund 2010.10.14-i rádióműsora

Főként lo-fi zajongás a lelki békéért. 01 The Moldy Peaches - Steak for Chicken 02 Male Bonding - T.U.F.F. 03 The Intelligence - Like Like Like Like Like Like Like 04 The Manhattan Love Suicides - Veronica 05 No Age - Depletion 06 No Age - Common Heat 07 No Age - Skinned 08 Wavves - Green…


indie the fall szeged alter woven hand grinderman the moldy peaches no age archie bronson outfit undorgrund rádió mi wavves the manhattan love suicides male bonding the intelligence


Az Undorgrund 2010.05.27-i rádióadásának tracklistje

Egy kis borongás a rossz időre...01 The National - Afraid Of Everyone02 Tindersticks - Falling Down A Mountain03 Sixteen Horsepower - Blessed Persistence04 Woven Hand - Truth05 Dead Can Dance - Advent06 Angels Of Light - My True Body07 Swans - Power And Sacrifice08 Michael Gira - No words No…


indie alter woven hand dead can dance the national tindersticks undorgrund rádió mi angels of light swans brendan perry sixteen horsepower michael gira