Hallgasd meg!: az Undorgrund 2012.04.19-i műsora

Szinte csak új zenék, de a végén egy Radiohead feldolgozás is hallható. Lotus Plaza és Graham Coxon erősen ajánlott! 01 Spiritualized - Hey Jane 02 Hatcham Social - NY Girls 03 Lotus Plaza - Jet Out Of The Tundra 04 Prinzhorn Dance School - Your Fire Has Gone Out 05 Electricity  In…


szeged wire prinzhorn dance school spiritualized the raveonettes raoul sinier undorgrund rádió mi lotus plaza graham coxon hatcham social tying tiffany neils children electricity in our homes


Az Undorgrund 2011.01.06-i rádióműsora

Sok év eleji megjelenés, lehet mazsolázni! 01 Wire - Two Minutes 02 Moon Duo - Motorcycle, I Love You 03 The Brian Jonestown Massacre - This Is The One Thing We Did Not Want To Have Happen 04 Cake - Federal Funding 05 Deerhoof - Behold a Marvel In The Darkness 06 Asobi Seksu - My Baby 07 The Go!…


indie gang of four alter the go! team wire deerhoof cake asobi seksu undorgrund rádió mi mogwai moon duo decent human beings fujiya and miyagi the brian jonestown massacre


Az Undorgrund 2010.05.13-i rádióadásának tracklistje

01 Holy Fuck - SHT MTN 02 M.I.A. - Born Free 03 Wire - All Fours 04 Interpol - Lights 05 The Fall - Mexico Wax Solvent 06 Comic Sans - Thom-Moore 07 Godzilla Black - From Here to Clare 08 Maps - Die Happy Die Smiling (A Place To Bury Strangers Remix) 09 Male Bonding - Weird Feelings 10 The Manhattan…


indie maps the fall alter male interpol wire the futureheads holy fuck good shoes the raveonettes undorgrund rádió mi m.i.a comic sans godzilla black bonding the manhattan love suicides